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Health Green Tea

Posted by FINANCE FUTURE Friday

A Healthy Dose of Prevention! Green Tea has long been used as a therapeutic remedy. Scientific documentation has shown that the majority of the therapeutic benefits are due to the Polyphenols, the potent anti-oxidant compounds found in GREEN TEA.

Green Tea can be used alone or as an enhancement to all our other products. We recommend Green Tea as the first step toward good health. Green Tea combined with a commitment to an exercise program and healthy food choices will give you the best possible chance at reaching your personal goals.

Health benefits of traditional diet
According to tradition, this diet can cure anything from headaches, muscle aches, pains to constipation and depression. Over the centuries, the health claims are made on the basis of Chinese green tea diet.
Detoxifies the body. The presence of polyphenols, natural antioxidants one at this special tea to help combat harmful free radicals and free the body from disease. In this context, the Chinese green tea helps maintain the general welfare of the body. It fights against the anti-aging, because antioxidants may enhance the immunity, will be the young, the skin and eyes bright.
Other health benefits of green tea, has increased the flow of blood in the body. Because it contains a bit ‘of caffeine, ingesting this drink stimulates the heart, causing blood to flow more freely through the blood vessels. For the same reason that tea stimulates blood flow, also promotes mental clarity.


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