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Heart Healthy Diet (7 Tips)

Posted by Fiscias Nenda Tuesday

You can reduce your risk of heart disease or heart problems by eating healthy foods each day. Read the following a healthy diet that can reduce the risk of heart disease:

1. For breakfast, you should eat foods that are high in fiber. Before leaving for school or work, it is recommended for breakfast beforehand, at least a bowl of cereal is healthy.

2. Consumption of fruit berries, nuts, whole wheat bread, cabbage or cauliflower.

3. Eat a handful of nuts without salt several times a week, get peanuts, almonds, hazel, walnuts, and Pecans, all good for your heart.

4. Eat about six servings of fruit and vegetables per day.

5. If You want a snack, eat apples. Apples are good for heart health because of the high content of fibers.

6. Believe it or not, around 1 (2 for men) glasses of alcohol may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. But, avoid drinking alcohol excessively because it would be bad for the health.

7. Drink orange juice and yogurt salad or as a snack.

Thank you for reading the 7 heart healthy diet tips. Hopefully helpful...


  1. good tips for heart...
    you can diet for healty heart..
    good job..

  2. fish Says:
  3. thx for visiting my health blog....


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